Earlier Deadline for the July Sesshin (July 27-31)

In order to allow ample time to get everyone who’s attending sesshin up to speed and comfortable in the mechanics of a Zoom sesshin (especially dokusan), we’ve changed the application deadline to Monday, July 20. That will give us time to schedule a few orientation sessions, and hopefully, at least one of those will work for people who are going to take part.

As mentioned in a previous email, Amala-sensei will lead this sesshin from New Zealand. Because of the time difference, she’ll be with us, live and offering dokusan, in the afternoon and evening. She’ll send a recording of her daily teishos that will be played during the late morning block of sitting, and John Pulleyn will offer private instruction during the early morning block. You can see the schedule here.

Arnold Park Meals on Wheels

Since the Center pulled up its drawbridges at Arnold Park and Chapin Mill in March, the Arnold Park staff has dwindled to the point where there’s no kitchen crew to prepare lunch. Of the eight or so staff living there in isolation originally, only three remain – Scott, Marty, and Mitchell – though a new person has just come on board: Bidu, a Nepalese woman who has been in school in New York City.

These four holders of the fort can manage to keep themselves fed on their own, with sandwiches and salads. But if any local members took them some prepared dishes now and then, our Arnold Park residents would receive such dana with gratitude. Think of it as Meals on Dharma Wheels.

If you’d like to bring something, please be sure to contact Trueman Taylor beforehand: trueman@rzc.org; (585)-721-5757.

Seeing Through Racism Meeting

The next meeting of the Seeing Through Racism group will be this Saturday, July 11, at 3:00 PM EDT. Trueman will be hosting, so if you have questions about how to access the Zoom account, please email him at trueman@rzc.org. All are welcome to join.

Finding Your Seat This Saturday

This Saturday, July 11, 11:00 am to noon. More information here.

Sunday Extended Sitting

This Sunday, July 12, 6:15 am to 3:30 pm. More information here.

Sunday Dharma Talk by John Pulleyn

Also this Sunday, July 12.