No Sitting Tonight and Tomorrow Morning

As is customary going into a 7-day sesshin, there is no in-person sitting tonight (Thursday, July 22) or tomorrow morning. Zoom sittings will continue, however, through tomorrow morning.

Joining the 7-day Sesshin (July 23 – 30)
The regular schedule of morning and evening Zoom sittings is cancelled during sesshin. However, even if you’re not attending sesshin, you are welcome to join any parts of the sesshin on Zoom (though without dokusan). If you do, please enter before a block of sitting begins or during a kinhin so as to minimize distraction. Likewise, if you cannot stay for the entire block of sitting, exit Zoom during one of the kinhins whenever possible. Here is the schedule, so you know what times to enter and join (the rounds are 35 minutes long with a 7-minute kinhin in between). Note: We will stream Roshi’s teishos on Mixlr (where the sound is a bit better), as well as on Zoom.

Regular Zoom sittings will resume Sunday morning, August 1 (8:30 to 10:15).

In-person sittings will continue in the Arnold Park zendo during sesshin. However, after sesshin there will be no formal sittings on Friday evening, July 30, and Saturday morning, July 31. Note that there IS a morning sitting (8:30–10:15) Sunday morning, August 1. Check the Zen Center’s calendar if you’re in doubt about any sitting, in-person or online.

Finding Your Seat Cancelled

Finding Your Seat (11:00 am – noon) is also cancelled for the next two Saturdays (July 24 and 31) because of the 7-day sesshin. We will resume on Saturday, August 7.

François’ Book

François Raoult, the founder and leader of Open Sky Yoga, has been teaching in our Buddha Hall since 1987, and a number of our members came to us after working with him. François will be self-publishing a book this fall, entitled My Lifasana: A Collection of Essays, Poems and Aphorisms on Yoga and Life. If you’d like to help him get it out or learn more about it, here’s a link to his GoFundMe page.