Air Conditioning in the Zendo

Now that we have some experience with our new zendo “mini-split” unit (which heats in winter and cools in summer), we’ve figured out how to combine fans and A/C to make summer sittings less of an ascetic practice. (We won’t, of course, go to the opposite extreme of offices and shopping malls where sitters might want to bring a sweater.)

Admittedly, air conditioning goes against our Zen DNA and the long traditions of monastic practice in China and Japan. Nevertheless, we’re a lay Sangha embedded in 21st century America, and we’d hate to have members, accustomed to A/C at home and at work, keeling over in the zendo or skipping a sitting altogether. Come by and try!

Friday Evening Sitting Cancelled

The amazing Esther Gokhale will be giving a free posture demonstration in the zendo, tonight at 8:00. You can find out more about the Gokhale method here. (Needless to say, we’ll crank the A/C.)

All-day Sitting This Sunday

We’ll also be having our monthly all-day sitting this Sunday, July 21. Here’s the schedule:

6:15 am Zazen
7:30 Breakfast (Center will provide)
8:30     Zazen & teisho
~10:30 Brunch
11:00 Zazen
12:50 Lunch break (bring your own)
1:30-3:00 Zazen, ending with the Four Vows


Sangha Hike Also This Sunday

The hike will start at Mendon Ponds Park at 2:00 pm. You can meet with Devin Wiesner at 1:40 in the RZC lot, to carpool, or meet at the Mendon Ponds West parking lot. It’s just off Pond Road (the 3rd entrance to the park as you drive south on Clover Road – if you pass Wild Wings, you’ve just missed it).