“Cleaning of the Temple” at Chapin Mill on Saturday

With the city center now buffed up from last week’s annual “Cleaning of the Temple,” our attention will turn to Chapin Mill this Saturday, January 25. We’ll get underway there at 9 am and finish with lunch at 12:30. Give us a call if you’d like a ride out and back.

Ananta Now Britta

Roshi and Ananta Brückner have decided together that it is time for her to leave the priesthood and return to lay life. This comes after a long leave of absence she has been on to re-examine her path in life. She has come to the conclusion that although her years as an ordained Zen Buddhist priest served her well, they were also instrumental in revealing issues from her past that she had skipped over in her development, and that have now led her back to the life of a full-time householder. In accordance with this change, she will resume using her birth name, which she came to the Center with from East Germany: Britta.

Britta and Roshi formalized this change recently in a ceremony of disrobing. All is well between them, and she knows that she is more than welcome to continue as a member of the Center.

It’s Official: Chapin Mill Has a New Address

As of January 1, 2020, Chapin Mill’s new mailing address is 5357 Grist Mill Road, Batavia, NY, 14020. This is the number designated for the Farm House, which currently serves as the central delivery hub because it has the covered porch and is most visible to delivery people. 

No Parking on Arnold Park Weekday Mornings

Beware of parking on Arnold Park on weekday mornings. On Monday through Friday, parking on the Center’s street is prohibited from 9:00 am to noon in order to facilitate snow ploughing and street cleaning. If you do park, the odds are very good that you’ll get a $50 ticket – as a Sangha member can attest to from last week!

The Center’s parking lot, of course, is always available, though parking spaces for Monday and Tuesday evening sittings can be scarce. But remember that our magnanimous next-door neighbor, the Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word, still welcomes us to park in the Arnold Park end of their lot (accessed from Goodman Street) except on Sunday mornings, when they need every spot.