Teisho Postponed

With the snowstorm forecast for this weekend expected to run from tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, January 19) through Sunday, driving to the Center Sunday morning is likely to be difficult at best. So we’ve postponed the teisho scheduled for that morning until the following Sunday, January 27. 

There will still be a morning sitting this Sunday, with three 25-minute rounds and chanting, so do join the resident staff for that if you can find a way to make it. Since we expect low numbers, however, there will just be beverages served afterward rather than the usual brunch.

Website Tip

Any time you’re wondering what’s scheduled at the Center, check the online calendar (www.rzc.org/calendar). Any changes or cancellations will show up there, and if you’re not sure about details of a sitting or ceremony, there’s usually a description included that displays automatically on your phone or iPad and appears when you mouse-over on your computer.

Roshi in Mexico

Roshi and his wife Angela will be in Mexico February 2 – 23. Mostly a vacation, it also will give Roshi a chance to catch up on some of the books that otherwise would continue to pile up, unread.

Sangha Entertainment

We’ll present our annual potpourri of skits, music, drama, and merriment on Saturday, April 13, from 7 pm until about 9. Usually we hold it earlier in the New Year, but this winter, dates are hard to come by, so early spring it is.

Plenty of time, at least, to get your act together!