Cleaning of the Temple, Arnold Park, January 16

Now that we’re back from sesshin, we’ll turn our attention tomorrow to all the corners and crevices of the Arnold Park buildings with our annual “Cleaning of the Temple.” We begin with a brief chanting service at 9:45 and wind up with a pizza lunch (alternatives available) at 12:30. It’s your temple – join us if you can!

Winter Term Intensive, January 24 – February 28

This winter’s Term Intensive will get underway a week from Thursday (on January 24) and run for five weeks, ending on February 28 just before our two-day sesshin. If you’d like to use this still and quiet time of the year to increase your zazen and work on changing whatever habit patterns call out for your attention, you can check out the description on the website here and sign up.

We meet in the Center library on Thursday evenings after an hour or so of sitting to share with each other how it’s going. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or are just beginning, there’s a lot you can get out this group effort and a lot you can contribute.

If you’re not able to make it to the meetings, you can still join in and report by email. We’ve had a lot of enthusiastic feedback from out-of-town members who do just that.

Silent Retreat

Happy news from last week’s sesshin: No sickness! No flu, no colds, no coughs, nary a sniffle – the inverse of rohatsu 2018.