The Center’s Audio Live-Streaming:  Mixlr

The Center had a very good run using Mixlr, the audio live-streaming service, free of charge. For four years now, the Center’s morning and evening sittings, as well as entire sesshins, have been broadcast online, so practitioners could join in with the sounds of the big bell, clappers, and timed rounds in the Arnold Park or Chapin Mill zendos.

Since the pandemic began, the Center has also used the Zoom video app to broadcast a regular schedule of sittings online, and it seems that almost everyone has switched over to Zoom; very few participants have continued to join formal sittings using the Mixlr audio-streaming service.

But now Mixlr is no longer free (except on a limited basis), and we’re trying to decide whether to spend the $200 per year it will cost to continue live audio streaming of the Center’s formal sittings. Please let us know if you’d like the Mixlr service to continue: email Trueman at

Sangha Meeting This Saturday

This Saturday, February 20, at 1:30, a long-overdue Sangha meeting will be held. We hope you can attend! Use the usual Zoom meeting codes.

Extended Sitting and Teisho This Sunday

On Sunday, February 21, we’ll hold our next extended sitting. During the 8:30-to-10:30 block of sitting, Roshi will give teisho. Participants may attend any or all of the blocks of sitting, but are encouraged to join or leave only between blocks. Private instruction will be offered during the late-morning (third) block of zazen. The schedule and more information can be found here.

4-day Sesshin Application Deadline

A reminder that there’s an upcoming 4-day sesshin (February 26 – March 2), led by John Pulleyn. The application deadline is Monday, February 22.

Hey Joe

Longtime member Joe Carino sailed through double coronary-artery bypass surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital this past Monday, and is recovering there now. The hospital allows Joe to designate only two permissible visitors for the duration of his stay; Joe has selected Roshi and Sangha member Axel Kairies, who works at the hospital.

Others who want to see Joe will have to settle for a virtual visit. To set that up, text Joe at 585-406-5205. (This just in from Joe: they’re now saying that he may possibly be discharged as soon as tomorrow.)