Roshi Out of Town

Roshi will not be able to join in New Year’s Eve at the Center this year. He and his wife Angela have been apart on New Year’s for all but one of their 28 years together, and this year they’ve accepted an invitation to an out-of-town wedding that night. Roshi comments, “After dozens of joyous New Year’s Eves at the Center, I could have been at risk this year of longing for another. But I expect, after dozens of years of practice, to be too engaged with where I am that night – and whom I’m with – to miss what’s happening here.”

Schedule for New Year’s

We’re back and gearing up for New Year’s Eve zazen and celebrations which will begin at 8 p.m. next Monday and wind up just after midnight. If you’re not able to make it by 8 pm, but would like to be here for the finale, it’s OK to arrive (or leave for that matter) at the tea and coffee break that happens at 10 pm.

Here’s a link to our schedule.

“We know you have a choice” – in how to celebrate the New Year. This is one that still feels good the morning after!

Room to Sublet

Susanna Guarino is looking for a sub-letter for her room for the months of February and March, when she’ll be out of the country. The fully-furnished room is a five-minute drive from the Center. The rent is $300/month plus utilities (averaging $375/month total), and there’s a housemate who’s very nice. Susanna can be reached at

Book Club on Hiatus

Also, with Susana gone, the Sangha Book Club will lie dormant, hopefully starting back up in April.