Thursday Dokusan Cancelled

The usual Monday evening and Wednesday morning dokusans will take place as scheduled next week; however, dokusan on Thursday evening, August 15, is cancelled.

August All-Day Sitting Cancelled

Attendance at August all-day sittings has been unusually low compared to other all-day sittings throughout the year. We suspect a lot of folks are away on vacation this time of year. Consequently, we’ve decided to cancel the all-day sitting previously scheduled for Sunday, August 18. Next year we may schedule an all-day sitting earlier in August if we can.

Fall Quarterly Calendar

Copies of the quarterly calendar for October through December are available in the Link, or you can download a copy here.

Seeking a Place to Stay

Sangha member Susan Roebuck, who is currently living in Colorado, is seeking a place to stay for herself and her small and elderly dog Bella for a six-month period, starting early in September. Because of the tight and expensive housing market in Colorado Springs, she hopes to hold onto to her apartment there, and so cannot afford to pay rent; she could however, contribute with household chores. This is all for a good cause: Susan would like to be closer to the Center and will be giving considerable help to the Center’s burgeoning Youth Group program.