Sanctioning Ceremony: A Few More Details

Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, August 21) at 2 p.m., Roshi will officially sanction John Pulleyn as a Zen teacher. The ceremony will take place in the zendo at Chapin Mill.

Since COVID-19 transmission is still a concern, we’re asking that attendees be fully vaccinated and masked. During chanting, only Roshi, John, and Cecily Fuhr, our lead chanter, will not be masked. We will have refreshments afterwards in the courtyard with plenty of room for spacing.

If you’re uncomfortable sharing an indoor space with others, please don’t feel obliged to come; we will broadcast the ceremony over Zoom using the Center’s regular “meeting room.”

For those who do come, robes are optional. If you know you’re coming and can send us an email ( that will help us estimate more accurately how many people will be there.

Finding Your Seat

Because of preparations for the sanctioning ceremony, we won’t hold the usual installment of Finding Your Seat tomorrow, Saturday, August 21.

Novice Investiture Ceremony

Scott and Dené Redding, after serving for years on staff and showing sustained interest in ordination, will become novices in a simple ceremony (not ordination itself) conducted by Roshi next Tuesday, August 24. Since the ceremony just “starts the clock” on the 2-year novitiate that is a prerequisite for ordination, it is scheduled on a weekday: at 2 p.m. on the last workday before the staff break. Any Sangha member may attend, but as with novice ceremonies in the past, we expect mostly staff.