COVID-19 Update – Dokusan This Week

Since Roshi was one of those exposed to the resident who tested positive on Saturday afternoon, he is self-isolating and, like some others on staff who were at the workshop on Saturday, will not attend sittings at the Center this week. In other news, Angela Stewart, Roshi’s wife, was tested this past Sunday, and learned this morning that she’s positive, despite being fully vaccinated. Her only symptoms have been those of a common cold; no fever. Roshi himself has no symptoms at all, but had a PCR test this morning to find out if he’s infected and how long he needs to observe restrictions.

The dokusan schedule will remain in place for people attending sittings in-person, but dokusan will be held over Zoom. Those who want dokusan will still go up to the dokusan room when invited to do so, and upon entering will find an iPad on the teacher’s mat, with Sensei on Zoom tonight and Roshi on Zoom Wednesday morning and Thursday night. (You may remove your mask when no one else is in the room.)

Some of the other staff who were at the workshop on Saturday have appointments to be tested Thursday. The results usually come back within 48 hours of the test.

Youth Sunday Cancelled

There will be no Youth Sunday on Sunday, August 15. For the most up-to-date information on alternative plans, please email Christopher Maley ( to join the Zen Kids email list.

Next Teisho: Zendo or Zoom?

It’s too soon to tell if Sensei will be giving teisho over Zoom or in person this Sunday, August 15. Either way, the show will go on.