This Week’s CoronaCast

The latest CoronaCast from Roshi on April 23 is here.

Zoom Evening Sittings

The sunrise sittings have been a hit, and the Center will now add some zoom sittings late in the day: 5:30 – 6:30 pm. We’ll start modestly, on just three evenings of the week, opening this Saturday, April 25, and repeating the following day, Sunday, and next Wednesday. (The evenings on these three days of the week would work best for the staff residents, who are steadfastly holding the forts at Arnold Park and Chapin Mill, and whose own morning sittings conflict somewhat with those that have been zooming.)

The 5:30 – 6:30 time slot is just a guesstimate as to when in the evening the most number of people might want to sit together, considering also that we’re likely to be more alert before dinner than after. If there is a consensus to change it to earlier or later, or change the days (or add any), that can easily be done. This is just a trial run, with feedback welcome.

Finding Your Seat Continues

FYS continues every Saturday, from 11:00 to noon. If you’d like to join this Saturday, April 25, send an email to Trueman ( and he’ll send you a meeting ID and password for the session. More information about FYS here.

Zoom All-day Sittings: Every Other Sunday

Like the sunrise sittings, the first all-day zoom sitting (April 19) was also a hit, with higher attendance than usual. With such good attendance and expressed enthusiasm by some participants for more, the monthly all-day sittings will now be twice per month; the next zoom all-day sitting will be May 3.

Dharma Talk This Sunday

On Sunday, April 26, John Pulleyn will be giving a Dharma Talk.