Sangha Renewal Project Update

There will be exciting news to share at the next Sangha meeting on Saturday, April 24!

Do you recall reading about a survey of Rochester-area members that was conducted in early February? With an outstanding 72% response rate, the survey results have provided us with invaluable feedback on how the Center can renew its efforts in supporting the needs of our Sangha, as well as in shaping the future of Sangha engagement – that is, the ways we might find to interact outside of sitting.

To learn about the survey results and our next steps, please join us for the upcoming online Sangha meeting on Saturday, April 24, at 1:30 pm. We’ll meet in the usual Zen Center Zoom space.

This Sunday: Dharma Talk and Extended Sitting

Tomorrow, April 18, our monthly Extended Sitting will take place along with a Dharma Talk by John Pulleyn. Though fully-vaccinated Sangha can now come to formal sittings at the Arnold Park zendo, including tomorrow’s Dharma Talk, the Extended Sitting itself remains online for the time being. (“Fully vaccinated” means it’s been 14 days since you got your final vaccination shot, i.e., your second for Pfizer or Moderna or your one-and-only shot for Johnson & Johnson.)

If you do plan on coming in person to tomorrow’s Dharma Talk, please RSVP to Trueman (, since the monitors need to plan in case of an overflow. Following COVID protocols, the zendo contains only 20 mats, since they need to be least six feet apart from one another.

Seeking a Rental

Susan Taylor, a Theravada Buddhist minister and professor at California State University, Sacramento, is looking to take refuge from the California wildfire season. She would like to rent a small house that is self-contained and allows her to teach online. She is fully vaccinated against COVID and has “a small, 20-pound, well-mannered shelter dog.”

She says: “I am a mature Buddhist practitioner…. I realize that this is an unusual request, but I find that it is helpful to stay engaged with fellow practitioners as I make such moves. Obviously COVID… I am being very cautious about this temporary move.” You can contact her directly at: