Sangha Entertainment Tomorrow, Saturday, April 13

Just a reminder: the lineup of acts is set, and we’ll get underway at 6 p.m. in the Buddha Hall. As important as performers are, there’s nothing like a good audience!

Teisho Postponed

The teisho scheduled for this Sunday, April 14, is postponed until the following Sunday, April 21, when there hadn’t been one on the calendar. Roshi would like to be able to enjoy tomorrow’s Sangha Entertainment Night without teisho prep concerns.

Trustee Election

The Center’s Trustee Nominating Committee (Roshi, Betsy Friedman, Scott Jennings, Elizabeth Machmer, and Brenda Reeb) will soon be meeting to select two candidates to run in this spring’s Trustee election. (Incumbent Trustee Jonathan Hager is eligible for nomination to run for a second term.) If you’d like to suggest possible candidates to the Committee, you can e-mail them at Please note that New York law requires that all Trustees be members of the Center.

Nearby Apartment for Rent

If you’re in the market for an apartment and looking for something near the Center, here’s a possibility that Sangha member Henry Bodkin passed along:

$575/month clean, efficiency studio apartment. 15 Rundel Park – just a 10-minute walk to the Center. Small, solo apartment in perfect working order! Open for rental May 12th.

Contact Tim Doherty of Doherty Realty at (585)-298-4481.