WHAT it will be

During the time the trustees were contemplating a new building, word of the project reached Laimons Klava, Ralph Chapin’s longtime caretaker. Laimons has invested most of his life making sure that Chapin Mill is well cared for. Even though he is officially retired, he has continued to visit frequently and has been an invaluable resource for our current caretakers, Wayman and Eryl Kubicka.

In the summer of 2016, out of the blue…completely unsolicited…and with the building plans and budget in a state of flux, Laimons made a sizeable donation for this project. In his honor – and not just for his donation, but for his lifetime of service – it is now officially called Klava House.

As you’ll see, a great deal of thought has gone into the plans to ensure that the building is modestly priced (the trustees set a budget of $150K), energy-efficient, highly adaptable, and aesthetically compatible with Chapin Mill. As time goes by, it can take on myriad forms as our needs change. Best of all, it will be largely a DIY project: once the foundation is in, staff members will be able to do nearly all the construction, augmented by at least one “barn-raising” party this summer.

Klava House plans

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WHY we need it

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